Termite Control

Termite Soil Treatment and Baiting

Termites, which are wood-destroying insects common in most areas of Indonesia, cause many millions rupiah of damage annually. There’re two major types of termites: subterranean termites, which live in the soil and are found throughout the country; and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites live in colonies, numbering from a few hundred to millions. In each colony there is a division of labour, with several distinct castes, each specialising in a particular duty. The worker termites are responsible for the damage to timber caused in their search for food, which consists mainly of cellulose, sugars and starch present in the timber.

Subterranean termites generally nest underground in the soil, build earthen mounds, or nest in the root crowns or trunks of living and dead trees. Having to maintain contact with soil or a reliable water source to obtain sufficient moisture to survive, subterranean termites construct protective mud shelter tubes from their nests to their food source – living trees, seasoned timber, books, furniture etc. Consuming the wood from inside out, usually by the time the termites’ work is visible, the timber is virtually eaten away.

Termite Damage

Full Termite Proofing

Spot Treatment
To eliminated of active termites in the property can be done by spraying treatment to all wood and its component containt woods, to the walls, to the floors (under carpets, etc).
Soil Treatment
To keep termites away from the property can be done by using chemical barrier systems. Pre-construction treatment is done by spraying to the soil around the foundation and to the surface of the soil where building will be built.

Post-construction treatment is done by applying and or injecting termiticide on the inside, outside and within the building’s foundation, providing a protective area around the building. This method treatment help deter termites immediately plus offer protection from future infestations.

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