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Termite Control

Termite Management Systems

Subterranean termites are very invasive destructive pests, they attack buildings containing the element cellulose. Termites have a reproductive caste that continues to produce caste workers and soldiers who always build large colonies.

Termite Baiting & Monitoring

Termite control method using bait, is a very effective method used today, a low risk of damage to buildings, does not pose a risk of pollution to the environment, and the work done is relatively easier.
Termite bait uses an active ingredient type IGR "Insect Growth Regulator", which works to inhibit the process of changing skin or, the caste of workers who consume the bait will slowly die and expose the content of IGR to other worker termites.

Checking the bait will be carried out periodically until the elimination colony, which usually occurs no later than 3 months, after the elimination colony occurs, worker termites will die and the population is reduced so that food supply to the queen will be hampered, until the queen dies because of not getting food.

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