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Rodent Control

Integrated Rodent Management

Often rats and mice get indoors, creating a nuisance. They damage property, contaminate food, and transmit diseases. Therefore, effective control methods are essential. AAG Pest Control has some method to monitor both inside and outside your residence. Make sure your property is rodent free, get our expertise advise to modify building to prevent rats & mice from entering.

AAG Pest Control has develop several baits forms with variety of food ingredient (toxic baits & non toxic baits) which is the key to the successful rodent population reduction. Non toxic bait is used to attract rodent and mice in to the Rodent Live Trap, while toxic bait is used in Rodent Bait Station and or Rodent Tamper Box. This bait boxes protect the bait from weather and exclude non-target animals, large enough to accommodate several rodents at one time and have at least two rodent-sized openings.

Place bait boxes next to walls (with the openings close to the wall), or near burrows and in other places where rodents are active. Clearly label all bait boxes with appropriate warnings as a safety precaution. To prevent bait boxes from being tipped over, fasten them to the floor or wall. Secure the lids to prevent unwanted access to the bait.

General Treatment

Baiting & trapping treatments to control rodent population in potential area. Those can be their nests (below building and housing complex), feeding places (kitchens, rooms, and offices), and resting places (building and house aisles).

Regular Treatment

Our technician will monitor the amount of baiting that had been spread in those area. We will give a report of things that influenced their population growth. We will give an expertise advice of how to decrease their population by recovering the sanitation.