Our Policies

According to The AAG Pest Control Mission and BUsiness Philosophy that is to provide the best possible service with the safety of the customer, the technician, and the environment. Following are our policies:

Objective of Quality Policy

We PT. ATRINDO ASIA GLOBAL is committed to always attempt to do the work and provide service to customer satisfaction and make improvements Quality Management System continuously through:
1. Meet customer requirements and applicable legislation.
2. Meet customer’s quality requirements.
3. Meet the timely submission of the report job.
4. Define the quality objectives of each section and perform periodic evaluations.
5. Handle any customer complaints.
6. Improve human resource competencies.

Objective of Safety Policy

1. Provide safe plan, equipment and systems of work.
2. Provide written procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work.
3. Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards.
4. Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees and clients to ensure their safety.
5. Provide support & assistance to all employees on matters relating to health & safety.

Objective of Environmental Management Policy

AAG Pest Control is firmly committed to sound environmental practices in our operations. We will work hard to ensure the impact of the organizations activities on the environment will be minimal. This is achieved through:

1. Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.
2. Continually improving the efficiency of resource consumption.
3. Minimizing waste generation by recycling and reusing practises where appropriate, and through 4. environmentally sound purchasing decisions.
5. Managing treatment techniques and activities to ensure the impact on non-target species of flora and fauna is minimised.
6. Working with staff to adopt sound environmental work practises through the provision of training and resources.
7. Being committed to the development and implementation of Integrated Pest Management and non chemical solutions to client problems.
8. Being open and accountable to the environmental concerns of our clients, regulators and the community in general.

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